Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When the Toys Misbehave

From the toy basket recently, Joey took all the plastic toys. This includes a clan of dinosaurs, three alligators, 4 horses left over from a 1980's toy ranch, bears, fish, wind-up snakes and a small, plastic porcupine. He likes to make a parade of all these fellows and while we were doing this, wouldn't you know, one of the animals was naughty! It seems the largest alligator bit Joey's leg.

Well, something had to be done, and I asked Joey what. "We should put him in time-out." At Grannie's house, time out for the toys takes place on a nice pillow. At Christmas there was a particular elf toy that looked grumpy and was always ending up in time out. Unfortunately for us, the elf didn't take this measure seriously and kept singing Christmas carols from the pillow instead of meditating on his crime (which was that he was looking grumpy). As Jack has gotten more mobile, the offending animals have to be put on the nice pillow and the pillow placed on a table that Jack can't reach. So we put the alligator in time out. It was hard to tell by the expression on the alligator's face, but in a few minutes she was feeling more herself and was allowed to rejoin the parade.

Joey went back to his task of lining up the animals. After a minute or so, he cried out. I gave him my attention to see that he was holding the little plastic porcupine up to me. "This porcupine porked me."


"On the finger. He porked me." He held up his poor porked finger, which definitely looked injured. "He has to go in time out."

Imagine that. I wonder how one tells if a porcupine is ready to stop porking innocent bystanders.