Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wrap Up Christmas

Many thanks to everyone who read my Christmas story. I had been thinking about it for awhile and wrote it during the snow storm. What a blessing to have quiet to write and think. I do think it needs a better title and have put a poll on the side of the blog. The substitute titles I came up with weren’t any better than the first, so if you have an idea, could you check that box and write it as a comment? I understand if that’s too much work.

Here are some of my favorite things this Christmas:

My husband’s jolly presence in all the preparation and celebration , the dishes he washed while I cooked (broken dishwasher), the fire he put in the fireplace to inspire me, the cups of tea he brought while I was writing.

Cooking with Andrea and Joe.

Karl giving us all a picture of him on Santa’s lap. This is him acting like Santa.

Jack saying “Yo, ho, ho” when he sees Santa.

Joey saying, “That’s the best chocolate cake in the whole wide world, Grannie” after eating his Grandpop’s piece of our buche de noel.

Clare sleeping through the entire Christmas Eve service at the incomparable U.S. Naval Academy chapel thanks to Andrew’s steady care.

Care being well enough to come to the festivities.

Karl smelling like pine from his job selling Christmas trees.

Christmas Eve service at New Hope Chapel where 1). Joey slept through the entire thing, 2). Jack looked up from playing with his trains on the floor of the sanctuary to say, "Hey, Grannie," and the children of our church sang "Silent Night" under the most loving direction.


  1. It really was a wonderful Christmas. So many memories. Thank you so much for recording them!