Monday, January 25, 2010

What We Love

Do you ever wonder why you love what you love?
 In James Barrie’s novel, The Little Minister (which I love), one character claims that to love something because you can’t help it—just because you do—is the “nicest sort of way to love.”

One of the joys of being a grandparent is finding out what the child will love. Right now, Joey loves GI-Joes. This is something that he and his dad share. His father created the most amazing GI-Joe fort for his Christmas present.

 It comes with trap doors and ropes for the soldiers to climb on. It’s a work of art and Joey LOVES playing with it. It’s a joy to play with him and experience his gratefulness for the gift and his enthusiasm. He has the most tremendous capacity to enjoy - a trait that shines in both his parents.

the Gi-Joes can climb up the ropes and push open the trap doors!
Love comes easily to little Jack. He loves his parents, his brother and his dog. He loves to play with animals and toy trains.

Jack trying to hug all the characters from "Rudolph" while Joey cheers him on.

Recently at my house, he came up to me and said, “Hold you, Grannie,” which translated means, “Please pick me up.” I promptly did this. I would have tossed away a winning lottery ticket to do so—you know what I mean. We walked around the house, looking at things, while I told him stories. He loves this. While thus wandering, I kissed Jack’s forehead and he said, very quietly as if it were precious, “I love you, too Grannie.” I'm sure I'll never forget that moment, not only does he love, but he can read people.

Jack admiring my favorite childhood ornament -- a sparkly blue bird

 It’s so fascinating when babies wake up to the world and I love watching Clare as her eyes light up with joy and interest. She looks at her parents with adoring eyes and seems to love her Uncle Karl’s scratchy beard(who wouldn’t?). Recently she discovered fabric.

She was thrilled to play with her mother’s scarf! I’m not surprised because her mother has become a wonderful seamstress and designer, both of Clare’s grandmother’s love to sew and her great grandmother (my mother) was a most accomplished seamstress and fashion designer.

Is what we love woven with care and color into our souls as they are formed or is it written on our hearts with the indelible and bonding touch of the people we love?

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