Monday, January 18, 2010

Woodland Windows: Color Feels Like Hope in January

Woodland Windows

My friend Jo-Ann designed this quilt! Made from precut five inch squares, she arranged them together, and then decided to border each set of four squares with a coordinating smaller print. I saw the quilt and loved it and made one myself. It is easy, beautiful and the design lends itself to different color combinations.

This is a terrific pattern to use with your scraps. Simply cut these into 5 inch strips, cut the strips into squares. Or if your scraps are small, cut 5 inch squares.
 You could create a scrappy look or a more sophisticated, coordinated look depending on your scraps.

Another friend never folds her scraps or stuffs them away. Instead she cuts them into strips, or into 5 inch squares. She files these and uses them in all the patterns now available for precuts

The second time I used the pattern, I used a brighter group of colors.  I grouped the squares together simply by what prints I liked together.

Woodland Windows – an easy quilt made with 5 inch squares
Designed by Jo-Ann Intlekofer, written by Loris Nebbia
Choose 48… 5-inch squares.

These can be taken from 2 charm packs or cut from your own fabric collection.

All these prints have the same basic intensity of color.  I liked the diagonal opposite coordination in this version.
Lay out the blocks in groups of 4 so that each group of 4 forms a bigger square. Match the colors as you like – random, contrasting or coordinating. These will form the main blocks of the quilt.

For each 4 block square, sew pairs together, without breaking the seam between pairs for the same 4 block square.

This pix shows the way I sewed the blocks together.  When sewing the initial pairs of 5 " blocks, I did not cut the thread between pairs, thus keeping the block togehter.  This keeps me from having to re-arrange or remember.  Another idea is that once you are happy with the layout of the squares, take a picture, print it and use it as your guide.

the back of the block
Without cutting thread, press the seams to one side, then flip one pair onto the other right sides together and sew the two pairs together to form the larger 4 block square. Press seams flat.

Here is the block with the coordinating border -- I tried different fabrics until I found a match I liked.  A general rule is that the color of the border will bring out the color in the block that is its opposite on the color wheel. Above the blue comes forward in the orange border.

Repeat for the 12 4-block squares. It is a good idea to sew one row at a time and that way you will be able to keep the order that you selected. However, it’s fine to change the order, once the blocks are sewn.

Try out the solid or near solid colors for the border around each block. Stand back and look at the overall blend of color. Cut 1 ½ inch strips of coordinating fabric in a solid or a near-solid print to make the windows. Sew alternate sides first. Trim seams so that they are straight. Sew strips on the top and bottom.

Sew the blocks together. Square the blocks with ruler and rotary cutter. Sew the rows together. Add a border. Press before putting the quilt batting , backing and top together. Quilt as desired and finish with binding.

I numbered my rows with Post-it notes
The pattern is free if you'd like to copy and use it.  Let us know how your quilt turns out!

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  1. My mom made me a 'Precious Moments' quilt when I was 14 and kept the scraps over the years and had enough scraps to make Tabytha a baby quilt when she was born. Not too long ago she found one or two left over squares and will be making my youngest daughter, Jessi, a baby quilt. I think it's so wonderful that my girls have something made by their grandma and ties all three of our quilts together. If I had the space in my house to have an area to make quilts, I'd do it, too.