Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adventures and Nostalgia

Can you guess what this boy is doing with the pine cone?

The snow is melting, really shrinking lower and lower, but we still have drifts in our backyard and so today while Jack was napping, Joey and I went out to fill the bird feeders and see what fun we could find.

Joey filled the bird feeders all by himself.  I stood the feeder in the pail of seed and he scooped the seed up and poured it in. "I didn't spill a drop!" he said. And he didn't.

On the way to hang the bird feeders, we stopped by the base of the tree so that Joey could see the incredibly hollow insides. 
We followed the trunk to the tangle of branches and found our way inside of them. Once the bird feeders were in place, Joey grasped the imaginative possibilties.

"Let's make this our snow cave!" he said.
We gathered pine needles to make our rug

The bird feeder was our lantern.
The lower log was to serve as Joey's bed. 

The big log was the sofa. Behind it Joey said we should put the fireplace.

Next we gathered twigs to feed our "Fire." And he spent quite a bit of time chipping off bits of bark he called sparks.

Joey found this branch and declared that it was a stick with marshmallows on.  He "roasted" them on our "fire."

And blew carefully on them to cool them...
He pretended to eat them saying, "when we're done with these marshmallows, there's lots more growing all over this snow cave!

Our feet frozen, our tummy's full as they could be of imaginary marshmallows, Joey found a secret way out.

When Jack awoke, he preferred revisiting his long lost childhood!  He got himself in, very pleased with himself.
In Clare's exersaucer, he tried every single toy.
And when he wanted, he climbed right out and went back to playing cars.


  1. That sounds like so much Fun! and Jack has an awesome sweater!

  2. I LOVED the pretend marshmallows! He is so cool. Thanks for going out there with him! Our yard is a big mud pit. It will be a while before we can get out there. I am so glad he has such a wonderful, loving grannie. We are all so blessed by you in a million ways.

  3. Thanks for sharing your grandsons and their imaginative, creative spirits. I have a feeling they are going to take after their grandmother in the story-telling department.