Friday, February 12, 2010

Visitors in Snow

The saga of our fallen pine tree continues. In previous blog entries I told how it fell, what it had meant to me and how we had discovered it's hollow insides.

But during the blizzard, the fallen tree became a bird sanctuary.

We made extra food for the birds to help sustain them during the cold. My husband put grease in a paper cup, added bird seed, stirred it with a twig from the pine tree...

and froze the little popsicles...

 He peeled off the paper and stuck them in the snow.   It took the birds a little while to find their popsicles, but they have been enjoying them.

twilight feeding
The birds were fed and I went back to my work. While I was busy, the sun rose and the backyard was flooded with sunlight. I looked up from my work and saw visitors I had been hoping someday to see!

It's true! Bluebirds!

Three pairs of bluebirds visited the fallen pine tree and feasted on the bugs that had felled it.

I love bluebirds.  I've read books on how to attract them to my yard but only once have we been graced with their spectacular presence.

Theirs is a color bluer than the sky.

The bluest blue you've ever seen...!

When they fly they nearly blend in with the sky

I like how the fluff underneath is so white, love the tinge of rust that accents the blue

He looks like he likes me, doesn't he?

The female is not blue and also shy.  I couldn't get a picture of any of the three females,but they have a lovely brown back with just hints of that unbelievable blue, the same rust and white underneath.

The tree fell and become a sanctuary for the birds in the snow. There's a flock of bluebirds in my yard for the first time ever (three pairs!). I'd like to invite them to stay and make their home here- there's plenty of bugs in that hollow tree for the hungriest of bluebirds!


  1. oh the blue bird... in numbers, they are as common as sparrows in florida, but that brilliant blue will never grow common to me--and those red bellies! how delightful. they do look especially wonderful in your snow :)