Friday, February 5, 2010

What I Really Think About Things... My Neighbors

Things have changed since we moved to this neighborhood. Some of our neighbors are nice. We look after the mail and newspaper when one is away on vacation. Cookies are exchanged over Christmas. But not all my neighbors are nice. I know that the Bible says, “better a neighbor close by than a brother far away,” but this wisdom can’t possibly apply to some of my neighbors.

We moved here expecting a certain sort of neighbor—those just like ourselves. Not any more. It’s bad enough having the neighbors peer in my windows, but I have to draw the line when they use my yard for their parties or crash my own.

When we were setting up for Valerie’s wedding some of them just wandered over. They didn’t offer to help, just nosed around, distracting everyone and making a mess in the back yard. Can you imagine!

Just this week, their fun was so raucous, my other neighbor’s fence was broken. Here’s what happened. I saw it all:

I was hard at work when I heard something and looked up. Through the window I saw an entire herd of twenty—all ages—come barreling inot my back yard. The were jolly and confident as they came in just as if they were invited and they scamper and leap between my yard and the ones on either side of me.

They can’t scale my neighbor’s fence by the road and this agitates them. Then the fun becomes frenzy with the herd running and leaping back and forth between our yards. One hurt her leg on the fence and was limping. I tried to get close but she was strong enough to run away.

Once outside I crept pretty close. Though rowdy and destructive, they have a sublime beauty and despite myself, I want to make friends. Within the herd, different sizes and ages played together. Two deer had many-tiered antlers. One poor fellow had only one side of a small antler, which gave him a confused look. I wonder if he lost it in a fight or an accident or caught it in a fence. They leapt and frolicked in the snow as if they were children and it was so cold that their breath made clouds of steam. When they saw me, they went perfectly still. To scare me away, the biggest deer snorted, their black, velvet noses flaring in what was probably meant to be a threatening blast, but I thought the sight of them in the snow, stomping their hooves and snorting was exquisite and stood transfixed.

One of the smaller deer made the decisive move. It bolted across my yard and crashed into my neighbor’s new plastic fence, breaking it down. The herd followed, running and leaping to the woods beyond.

That explains who has been eating my hosta to nubs in the summer.


  1. WOW! First, you totally got me... imagining these wild crazy neighbors of yours crashing Val's wedding... But, wow... had no idea there was so much wild life over there!!

  2. Those poor things probably have no desire to be any persons neighbor but where are they to go? They are very pretty. I love that first picture of them.