Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Brief Vacation

I once told my husband, who has had to travel all over the world, that I'd love to go with him anywhere -- anywhere with pastries that is!

I do love to travel and one of the things I love about traveling getting ideas for improving my home from the cultures I visit. I especially love bringing food from afar.

Once years ago I found I had only to travel to Baltimore to find an entire world of wonderful food.  When I was in graduate school, I had the privilege of working for Dr. Wendy Saul. Not only was Dr. Saul an inspiring teacher and mentor, but when she suggested that instead of baking everything for my son who has a life-threatening milk allergy, I try going to a kosher bakery.  His allergy is so serious that if I put even just a teaspoon of milk in a recipe for bread or cookies and he eats a bite, he will have a reaction serious enough to send him to the ER.

I was not sure they'd really have dairy free products. This is because lots of people claim their baked goods or foods are dairy free and they aren't.

For instance once a friend asked at a local donut shop if they put any milk into their donuts.  They said they didn't.  However, when he ate a bite of one, he had a horrible reaction.  Why? I discovered upon further inquiry, that the baker really did only add water to the mix they bought, but powdered milk was part of the mix!

Or the neighbor who mocked me for being over protective when I inquired about the ingredients in the birthday cake she was serving at her son's party.  "It's got no milk! None!" she added.  While I was thinking something evil about her attitude, God had mercy on me and she said, "Wait, is there milk in yogurt?"

So, I don't always trust that when it says milk free, it is. However, got directions and drove my little car to exit 20 on the beltway to see if I could find something anyway.

Well. What. A. Delight.

They package the cookies carefully in a box.
Not only was the bakery fragrant and clean and filled with the most gorgeous baked goods, but they were all dairy free! Completely and scrupulously.
And when I asked the baker about it, they assured me that they had two separate kitchens. Nothing in the non-dairy section ever touched the dairy section.  I thought I must be in heaven and explained my situation.

They are flaky and rich with a wonderful flavor
By this time, there was quite a crowd at the counter all chiming in to vow to dairy free nature of the baked goods. The owner was there that day, and he said, with a twinkle in his eye that if any milk were to be found in anything, the inspectors would shut him down.

I bought so many things that day and since then, I've been back many times.
We ordered the bread and the wedding cake for Eric and Care's wedding from Goldman's.
And for Val and Andrew's wedding we ordered the bread, the cake and a variety of the yummiest cookies you've ever tasted.

delicious, milk-free and reasonably priced!
This week I was going to Valerie's house.  It was snowing a swirl of many-sized flakes fleeing around me on a strong wind.  I admit I felt a bit restless. I was thinking of traveling to a different land and I suddenly remembered the bakery. I went past Val's exit and on up to Goldman's Kosher Bakery.

It was as wonderful as I remembered.  I also remembered that it was nearly the Jewish holiday of Purim and sure enough, the bakery had every variety imaginable of hammentaschen - a tender filled pastry. Everyone was as friendly as they always are.

Next I went next door to get a couple of sandwiches as Val was having guests for lunch besides me.

Next door is an Eastern European deli. It was like stepping into another world.

The deli is not quite as friendly a place as Goldman's.  No one smiles much and it was fairly empty.

  Though with 4 employees there, they took thirty-five minutes to make three sandwiches, (there were no orders ahead of mine), they were fabulous sandwiches at reasonable prices.

"Like merchant ships, she secures her provisions from afar."

Food is only part of the fun when friends gather!


  1. This is one of the things I admire most about you, Mom. Thank you for sharing this wonderful bakery with all of us. I hope people have the time to come up and visit. It's a wonderful spot on this big wonderful place called earth.