Monday, March 22, 2010

First Flowers

In the beginning of March the world looks bleak. No more snow, little possibility of the lovely white flakes covering the muddy landscape. Most everything is gray-brown and this year, so was the sky. We drove to Baltimore to celebrate our daughter's birthday with the family and the sky was the same wet color as the misty pavement we sped over.

 When we got there, our daughter's house was spilling light and full of dear people; I was able to put aside my shivers over the weather.

Why is it so hard to believe that spring will come. The eyes, the heart, the soul are desperate for it with a  longing for light and color and warmth so strong that waiting feels like a fear that this year winter might just last forever!

But this week, I found flowers in my garden!

Joe and Andrea had given them to me as a birthday gift and one day in the fall, Joey, Jack and I stuffed them hurriedly in my all weather flower pots. 

They bloomed!

I cut some carefully and found that the pansies in my windowboxes, which were knocked off the windows by the blizzard had survived and were blooming!

The coral bells' leaves have come back to life in all their amazing variety. The lilacs' buds are fat!

 So when the flowers appear, all seems truly right in the world. Flowers, so useless, so essential.


  1. Yay! I love flowers! as today is My daughter's birthday I am working on adding early spring flowers a little at a time for a "birthday" garden for her.

  2. Crocuses are my favorite! And now my kids love them too... they just bloom with hope and joy. And I also LOVE daffodils... my grandma gave me some daffodil bulbs when I was little and every time I daffodills I think of her. My son just brought one in from the yard that Daddy picked for me on Sat... totally brightened my day!