Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interrupted Again!

At my house, the enemies of Gi Joe have captured a bit of real estate beneath the desk. They are known by the name of their evil organization “Cobra.” Every week, the Gi Joes storm this stronghold and capture the Cobra soldiers, carry them off to jail. Unless they are wounded, then they have to go first to hospital and then off to jail. The story is played out the same way, many, many times during the day.

What always happens next is that the Gi Joes are so happy they’ve taken care of the bad guys that they have a party. During this party, two scary robots disguised as an ancient alligator and a fierce-toothed dinosaur creep over to the jail and rescue the wicked Cobra warriors. Back they run to their fortress. And the story starts all over again. And so we play for a couple of hours.

It’s not that it gets tedious, oh, no! You'll not hear this Grannie complaining. But this week, during the tenth or twelfth rendition of the story, we were interrupted by a big, brown wolf spider. Joey and Jack found it and came to get me, claiming it was a black widow. They were thrilled and both flopped down on their bellies to study the creature.

Good thing Uncle Karl had stopped by. He assured us that it was the very friendly (not so friendly looking) wolf spider and grabbing two tissues, picked up the big, brown hairy fellow.

Joey and Jack were stirred with an apprehensive delight as the spider crawled up and over the tissue that their brave uncle held and turned to keep the spider crawling and not biting or scurrying away. I found a jar and we put him there.
Jack has the fascinated look of the scientist... or maybe of the poet? Either way, he's an animal lover

After admiring him, we had to find him food. I don’t know why I have critters in my house, as I do clean it weekly, but we found some lady bugs, some stink bugs, some ants and a flying ant in the usual places. You see every week, Jack checks the windowsills for the orange lady bugs that congregate there, and he checks by the back door for ants and squeals, “Bug! Bug!” when he sees one.

With great care and cooperation we opened the jar lid and dropped in the bugs.

Joey told Jack, “As soon as the spider gets a whiff of that bug’s scent, he’ll go after it. You watch.” Joey let Jack hold the jar and everyone was careful and attentive. They wanted to take her home, but in the end we decided to let her go free outside. I hope he comes back to add a little disruptive excitement to the very routine capture and escape of the Cobra warriors next week. Or, who knows? Maybe something else will happen?


  1. I love that you are excited to spend time with them. You have some very blessed Grandchildren

  2. What grand adventures go on in the Nebbia household! I hope that the spider keeps to daylight hours and makes his presence known only at appropriate moments, in appropriate places. This way he can be a friend rather than switching to the enemy sidelines of stinkbugs, bees, and red ants.

    Wonderful post! :) I enjoyed it immensely.

  3. I think I may need some Nebbia support when this little boy comes. Right now I would have the same reaction as my girls upon seeing that spider - "Get rid of it!".