Friday, March 12, 2010

My Happy Day

The sun shine was yellow and warm.
Valerie and Clare came to visit
We laughed and talked.
It's comfortable being together.
We went for a walk in our beautiful home town.
We took pictures of places in my novel.
We visited USNA's lovely chapel.
Clare was blessed by one of the priests there.
We admired the beauty.
We looked up and smiled.
Clare loved it.
So much to think about.
Val sang a song. Her voice soared up into the chapel's dome.  Clare joined in, singing and imitating her mom.
A crowd gathered and though tears stood in my eyes, my heart was happy.

We came home and had a cup of tea.
May your daughter bring you as much joy as you've brought me, Valerie. Happy Birthday!


  1. I only hope I can bless her as much as you have blessed me.

  2. I am So pleased you two have such a wonderful relationship and I admit envious of it. I hope you continue to enjoy each other and cherish your relationship for many many years.