Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well... Hey, Baby!

Sometimes you just know you have to get out of the house. Something was calling Jack and Joey and I to go and explore beyond our little back yard. We decided to visit a local museum.  The Chesapeake Children's Museum seeks to present bits of our life by the Chesapeake Bay to the area's youngest citizens.

The museum is located in a residential area and is rather humble (translated means "needs donations, and increased state funding!"). But Joey and Jack loved it.

There was a section designated to the watermen of our area with a wooden boat complete with a captain's chair, helm (steering wheel) buoys on ropes and room for about 5 or 6 small children! 

Joey LOVED this, though he was looking for alligators in the water and was a little miffed not to find at least one. He asked the docent where the alligators were. She tried to explain that it was too cold in Maryland, but fact doesn't dim hope.  No sharks either, but never fail! We found something wonderful.
Jack tried the Thomas Train track next to the boat, but it presented too many conflicts, so we went to a miniature dock like those found in all our creeks and rivers.  That's when we saw the fish tanks.  Together we hurried to see the fish tanks. There were a few fish, two tadpoles with emerging feet, a lizard, the rumor of a snake (he was hiding), shed snakeskin the boys could handle, (they were unimpressed).

That's when Jack turned and saw a black tub with turtles.  His face lit up with joy. He pointed and he cried out, "Well... Hey, Baby!" and ran for the turtles.

He watched them swim and dive.

The sign said they could touch the turtles, but don't touch their heads or mouths. One of the turtles liked to sun himself under the lights.

One by one the turtles came to the surface to peer up at Joey and Jack with their blinking, reluctant eyes. Joey and Jack thought the way they climbed over each other was hilarious.

Jack begged me to reach into the pool and get one that refused to come up.  I hesitated, but he kept saying things like, "Hi turtle," and "Come on up, turtle," and "Please get it, Grannie." So I rolled up my sleeve and did it.

In other parts of the museum, we saw a huge stuffed doll with a zipper that unseamed him from the "nave to the chops." Kids could pull out stuffed models of the inner vital organs.  There was also a dentist's chair which I avoided.

"Cawdor's" heart is in his hands

Though it is far less than glitzy and polished, the museum is delightful to young children who look past what it doesn't have to the treasures to be found. When we left, Jack said, "Bye turtles, bye museum. I come back." I have a feeling the turtles will be waiting!

Chesapeake Children's Museum

We washed our hands and arms when we got home.  Just a couple of times. Then we talked about the turtles and looked through some old nature magazines.  Joey had the idea to cut butterflies out of the colorful pages.

Lots of local, inexpensive fun with nature!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I have been looking for something just like this for a field trip.

  2. This is such a wonderful and precious memory!! I love Jack's response to discovering the turtles and Joey's butterfly idea. Thank you for sharing.