Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chesapeake Boys

I know you may not believe this, but sometimes I tire of looking under rocks for worms. Not that I don’t love and admire worms! This weekend Joey and Jack stayed with us and we did look under each rock and flower pot in our yard at least seven times. They even convinced my husband to lift the biggest and heaviest of rocks and pots. Worms, rolly bugs and more worms! When they came to see me this week while their mother worked, I must admit privately that I felt as if I couldn’t look another centipede in the face.

So I bundled them into my ancient stroller, which though made for one child is sturdy (read heavy) and large enough to squeeze two agreeable boys. We walked down the street and through our neighborhood to the place where our community has built a little park by the creek’s edge. The first whiff of this park in the spring is not the bracing scent of the sea, but instead the pungence of brackish water in the bright spring sunshine - muddy, fishy, and just a bit salty—the scent of home.

We saw a Great Blue Heron too quick to capture on film.

Looked for water snakes,

But found some minnows darting in the shadows. This felt just as thrilling, but less scary.

We played on the floating dock for hours.

Their sticks became fishing poles.

Jack said, “Look, I got algae.” How does a two year old know what algae is?
Sorry for taking a picture instead of snatching the stick out of his mouth

They snagged sea weed calling each new stick hanging with bright green moss a different fish. In the end they’d "caught" salmon, sharks, the Great Chesapeake Whale and quite a few eels.

Joey was fascinated by the mud on the bottom of the brackish creek, and liked stirring it up. He liked getting his stick stuck on the bottom. Then he liked bringing the mud up to show Jack.

Jack loved the mud.

When my own children were little, I was unaware of this park's beauty. It's a favorite place now. And though I may miss teaching The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with all my heart, watching two boys play at the water’s edge is just as good.


  1. what a fun day! I love all of these pictures.

  2. looks like a perfect outing! You got some great shots of them also. They are so blessed to have you as their grandmother!

  3. I will tell you how he knows what Algae is....because his mother is a swamp rat at heart and at every spare moment plays with the boys in my mom's swamp....lots of algae there...and snakes as my uncle so often reminds me....I have never seen one.