Monday, April 26, 2010

Dishwasher Update

Many of you have been asking what happened with my dishwasher. The last I wrote, I had been told by the person who kindly called to say the dishwasher would not again be installed on the scheduled date, that the dishwasher had no “drain hole” and that it had to be taken to “warehouse repair” to get one installed. Hmmm.

That sounded a bit like fiction to me and sure enough… it was. The dishwasher had a drainage hole, it turns out, but it was missing a drainage hose. When asked if we could buy one at Home Depot or etc. while they drove it over here, or if they could get one somewhere in their vast appliance warehouse, the answer was no, that wouldn’t work. Why not? Because the real reason that the original dishwasher was being sent to “warehouse repair” was that the door had somehow become dented.

No one dented it. It just somehow became dented.

The saleswoman wanted to know if we still wanted the dishwasher once they banged the dent out and patched the paint. We declined.

My husband is a good negotiator; I’m not. Either I have an attack of sympathy and totally commiserate with the opponent or I lose my temper or I give up and get mad at myself for doing so. Taking the advice of my kind readers and friends, he called the Best Buy manager’s manager and spoke to someone who arranged to have a similar dishwasher installed the next available time.

It didn’t quite make it that week. Some glitch occurred when somehow the order was totally cancelled.

Hmmm. What can I say that I haven’t already? Back to negotiation and this time speaking to the manager’s manager’s manager. And it all could have been so simple.

Another week went by and finally after trying since mid-March, last Friday April 23, a welcome knock came on my front door and there was a beautiful, new, undented dishwasher, standing on my driveway. And the expert installer carried the whole thing in by himself!

It took not thirty minutes to install!

It came with its very own drainage hole!

It runs beautifully and quietly and the dishes came out clean.

I’m grateful.

Thanks also to all of you for your comments and suggestions.


  1. Have you called the corporate number yet? They need to know about this.

  2. How exciting!
    I am sorry for all the trouble, but so happy you have your new appliance.
    My favorite part- when you say "No one dented it. It just somehow became dented."

  3. seriously. They shoul dhave given you that dishwasher for free.

  4. Love those flowers. Miss you.