Monday, April 5, 2010


Mix together a sunny spring day,
 lots of friendly people,
good food, flowers,
3 adorable children,
colored eggs
plastic eggs
and a bit too much candy what do you get?


After dinner, we had an egg hunt:

Inside the eggs were candy, fluffy toy chicks and play dough.

We had an egg toss. Lots of fun! Especially when Eric and Karl tried to keep throwing a broken egg. These were raw eggs, which raises the stakes considerably.
Joe and Andrea won:

We had egg races. Once around the house holding the egg on a spoon. “Doing whatever you have to to win” (known otherwise as “cheating” happens). All 3 of our sons grabbed their dad’s belt to keep him from winning.
Karl won the first race.

Next they had to run holding the spoon in their mouths balancing the egg on the spoon!

 Joey competed this year and when Jack saw him racing, he had to race, too!
I missed the “doing whatever you have to to win”(cheating) that occurred in the front of the house, but I do know that Karl ran through the garage which seems somehow... like a short cut.

With all the "doing what you have to do to win," it seems Joey just ran, got ahead and won a race. Of course, he had the egg in his hand and not on the spoon in his mouth. I guess he's got the idea. True, Jack came in last, but he ran with everyone who was bigger-- and he finished!
Jack coming across the finish line.

Later, we went to the playground,

Admired the cheerful baby,

Cleaned up together and talked and talked in the most companionable way,

Valerie made me an Easter basket by filling jars with candy and covering the tops with bright spring green fabric pieces.
 She tucked the jars into the center of these wonderful, pyrex bowls which she found at an amazing bargain price; and gave them to me because she knows I love them.

The struggle of life is beautiful and difficult. We seek to grow as people and to improve all that surrounds us; we seek to understand God and life's mysterious processes and each other. After the difficult start to a pregnancy, the various illnesses of family members, and all the challenges of living and growing during the long, cold winter, this year the return of the light, the miracle of new life, of birth and rebirth seems sweeter.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! what a great day.

  2. What a delightful and blessed family you have! I hope and pray that when my 4 are grown we can have gatherings such as this and the bonds that make them so special!