Monday, April 19, 2010


Valerie had an idea
so she started making things.

We all love books
Eric is an English teacher
so the ideas came together
as in
pages of a book
or leafing through a book...

Val had an old copy of Little Women that was absolutely falling apart.
We grieved over cutting it up, but... we could hardly keep it together so....
Valerie made a stamp out of the styrofoam from a meat tray (you know what the chicken or meat comes in from the grocery store), which we washed a few times.

Once the shape was made, pressed the "stamp" into the ink and then onto the old, already brown pages of the book.

We cut these out with a jagged edged scissors... and pasted it to a pale blue/green square
On the back we pasted a poem that Jackie, Val and I wrote collaboratively explaining that we
Val made a banner called "bunting" in the same style with zig zag edges and leaves.

And of course, the cookies too had to match. Val drew leaves on the sugar cookies with chocolate piping. And the chocolate shortbread had zig zag edges with a cut out leaf in the middle.
We went a little crazy, but it was fun.

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  1. How Fun! It looks lovely. I love the details you put into it. very very thoughtful