Monday, June 21, 2010


I know my readers may think I'm obsessed with the "Anderson girls" and maybe I am. To clarify, the "Anderson girls" are no longer Andersons as they are all married. They are my daughter in law, Andrea, and her sisters and there a many good reasons why I think so highly of them. Call me enamored or obsessed, I'm sorry, but I think they are each beautiful and smart and lovable and together well... they're incomparable.

I suppose they might have some faults, but when I see them at "family" functions (I'm an in law and former teacher and happy to be included!) I love how they show up with cheerful dedication, work together, know each other's children, make all the guests feel comfortable with genuine conversation and are generally lovely and charming.

For one thing, they come from fine stock. I love and admire their grandmother Libby, a loving, kind-hearted real, hardworking woman whose life has been inspiring to me.  Their maternal grandmother, Danuta, or "Bobcia" as she's known to the family is also a favorite as we share common interests in gardening and sewing, except Danuta's skill outshines all! And their parents, Rodger and Barb are fun-loving, creative, hard-working people who have instilled a generosity of spirit, a love for life and a respect for both scholarship and nature in their girls.

This weekend, the youngest sister, Stephanie, married Brett Coonradt at our church.  I can't believe I took no good pictures of the radiant bride and her handsome groom!  (If anyone has one, send it and I'll post it.) I was thrilled to be invited to attend the wedding of two former students.
The food was fragrant, fresh, plentiful and delicious.
The three sisters were the bride's attendants, supervising children and running a lovely wedding...

The room was transformed, the tables comfortable, the crowd as friendly and happy as you might have dreamed.
Joey and Jack were transformed into gentlemen wearing suits, but I couldn't get them to hold still for a photo.

Children were welcome and enjoyed, though weddings are not particularly easy on kids... all that sitting.
Jack was told he could have M & Ms if he stayed good through the ceremony. At every pause between the scripture reading and the giving of the rings, etc. Jack called out, "Can I have M-ah-Ms? Can I have...?
not very happy despite carrying on the family tradition of wearing a discarded holiday ribbon on his head

The kids prayed

and played. Joey didn't know how to dance and so he got a bit bored...
what you can't see are the new freckles on his nose

 until I found some tiny colored pencils and a notebook in my bag.

Joey drew jellyfish, people and pebbles for about an hour and kept Clare and I company.

Andrea gave a poignant toast and we all cried, wishing Brett and Stephanie every happiness.

My daughter Valerie sang, her husband took the wedding photos,

so I visited with Clare. She met lots of friends...
Clare and Jake, (who is married to one of the "Anderson Girls")

while cousins and brothers and sisters...
aunts and nephews
swing dancing with Aunt Val

and uncles and nieces danced and had a jolly time...
Clare and Uncle Joe 

celebrating the start of a new family. 

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  1. Oh I can't wait to share this with Grandmom Libby. Thank you so much for writing this. I feel like I should pay you :)