Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chesapeake Boys Meet Robin Hood

It was one of those rare days in June with clear sky, cool temperatures, plenty of sunshine, a bit of the breeze, two imaginative boys.

We found a dead bumble bee. They took turns holding it by the wings.

Jack said, "Can I touch his nose?"
"Yes," said I, "but not his stinger."

"But can I touch his nose?" He did and it turns out that bumble bees have what looks like a stinging tooth where their mouths should be.  Jack avoided injury, though.

Both boys stood spellbound when a male humming bird hovered at our feeder.

Then a live bee buzzed around our flowers.  We watched him buzz and wander while Joey explained to me that bees "pollinate" flowers. Jack hid behind Joey and peeked around at the bee.

We found a very strange caterpillar which I said they shouldn't touch.

 Since I also wouldn't allow them to poke it with a stick, for some reason, the logic of which I think I follow, this made the boys think they needed bows and arrows.

I didn't have any at hand.

But Joey said, "You're super Grannie.  You can make anything.  Can you make a bow and arrow? We'll be Robin Hood!"

Can I?

Yes, I can.

I cut green branches, slit the ends and slid in a piece of raffia.  Around the end I wound the raffia and tied it.  It twanged!

For safety's sake we decided to use "pretend" arrows.

It was so pretty out that we decide to go to the water where Robin Hood 1 and 2 hunted the great Chesapeake Whale and the mighty Chesapeake Crocadile with their mighty bows and imagined arrows. All creatures escaped without injury.

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