Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Homies Party Hearty (or is it Hardy?)

This weekend, the homies helped Jo-Ann's family put on a party to honor her years of teaching. 

At one time, all the original "homies" worked together at AACS.
We prayed together in the morning, visited each other's classrooms, borrowed dictionaries, laminating machines, colored pencils (at least I borrowed all this stuff and more from them), escaped to the beach for a weekend of talking, sewing, crafting and fun.

We became dear friends.

One of us had a smart "alec" (you can spell that any way you wish) son who, wishing to mock us, named the group "Mom's homies." We loved it and began to call ourselves this.
arranging flowers from our gardens at Wendy's lovely home
I love the homies.  Maybe this is because they've have been so good to me.

When I was a new teacher, they helped me, listened to me, supported me, encouraged me.

 They also taught my children (who attended the school where I taught) and were wonderful teachers and mentors to them.

They encouraged my writing, and praised my cooking and were loving dear friends to me.

I love being around them, learning from their particular personalities and gifts; I love hearing about their families, their art, their careers and I love doing things for and with them. 
everything's ready for Jo-Ann to arrive
When one of us offered the community a spectacular Christmas concert, we put on a cookie reception.  So much glorious fun making cookies and decorating! 
nobody makes cookies like my homies do!
As our children grew and graduated and married, as our lives and careers changed, there were lots and lots of parties and events to produce.  We helped each other.
the cheese tray that looks like a still life painting -- another homie tradition
Wendy made beautiful, sheer pink checked tablecloths from some bargain fabric.  We LOVED these and used them for everything from weddings to recitals for years.  We called them "magic" tablecloths and two of us (I'll not reveal who) actually wore these as shawls (for luck) when we went to buy lottery tickets to help raise money for various programs at our school. 
getting a little creative here with blossoms from onion plants and flowers grown in Jurassic Park
 For years now, we've shared two tubs of gi-normous round white tablecloths bought from a party supply company who was upgrading their linens. We've shared votives and vases and chairs and dishes and tired feet and moments of poignant joy during our millions of parties. 

When I got the crazy and impossible ideas of putting on a rehearsal dinner at my very own home, they made it happen, not once, but twice (so far!) doing all the delicious gourmet cooking and creating the most lovely, home-based parties, making my dream come true.

When my mother died, they made a beautiful luncheon that soothed my family's hearts and comforted me so much. 

And when my daughter got married, I very much wanted to honor my friends and just have them come to a nice party and enjoy.

But it wasn't to be. Because part of the fun of being a homie is doing all the home-y things that happen before a party -- planning, treasure hunting, cooking, polishing up the house, decorating.
They helped me find the hundreds of little, old vases we used for the table decorations,
helped me sew the table runners, helped me plan, think, organize.  They helped me clean, decorate and st the tables.  They baked cookies and made cheese trays, stuck roses on the plain cake and arranged the food in the most beautiful, cosy way!  I needed them and they were there for me in the most generous and loving way, as always.

And over the years, we started calling our newly adult daughters and very welcome daughters in law "homettes" (they may not know we call them this behind their backs so don't tell).   They are now working right beside us; the beauty and fun continues!

Jo-Ann's party had all the required homie components:

flowers as you've seen above and these, too,

good food and especially cookies, (maybe we should be called the cook-ies?)

singing to bless Jo-Ann
welcome friends

and more friends from close by and very far
lots of friends and family

many of whom were former students

from years past and not so far past

with families of their own

and Jo-Ann's own beautiful family...
and more family

and more

not necessarily in that order...

The parties are something we've done together, but it's because I think we understand how important these life events are. The parties are the outward, community celebration of life-valuing events.  Whether Christmas, or a new family or a poignant goodbye parties celebrate life and the love of life.  I know I can call on my homies not only for work, or parties but for anything at all. They are true, dear friends and my heart will always be devoted to each of them. 

Hey, Homies! You put on a great party for Jo-Ann!  I love you all, forever!


  1. I love that all of my favorite teachers are "homies!" You are amazingly talented and I still want to be you when I grow up!

  2. Loris- I have tears! I love the way you expressed the longstanding friendships. I pray that all women can find thier own Homies!