Thursday, June 24, 2010

Port Discovery Baltimore's Children's Museum

We took a day trip to Port Discovery, Baltimore's museum for children.  It's so easy to find. Just get to Baltimore from whatever direction and go to the inner harbor area.  Look for Market Place and there it is in an big, old Baltimore building complete with huge brick arched windows at the top floor.

It's the kind of place that your kids could play, learn and discover all day long. I'm not exaggerating.  We went with three tots between the age of 2 and 4.  They loved everything. No one cried, had temper problems or was bored for many hours!

The museum occupies three floors. Visitors are given wrist tags which provide security for the parent knowing that if the child is out of his or her vision for a minute, they can be tracked down.

Stretching up through the middle of all three floors is a contraption of rope bridges and slides that form the most intricate, fun and clever place to climb and romp.  There are more challenging climbs for the older or more nimble and brave children and easier ones for the timid.

The  museum has created spaces allow children to explore the details of every day life.

So what they are seeing is familiar, but by exploring and playing and trying things out, they see into and understand more about the everyday world around them.
the organs come out of the model

 The kids loved the supermarket.  After they shopped, and checked out, Andrea told them that part of the job was to "stock the shelves." Never was cleaning up so enthusiastically done -- and they worked on their sorting skills, putting candy boxes on the candy box shelf, green beans with the vegetables, etc.
On the other side, there's a drive through - complete with a VW Beetle kids can "drive!"

On the top floor the kids loved the "Bob the Builder" exhibit.  At first all I saw were the great vehicles, but there was so much to do!

There were potatoes and carrots to plant, then to harvest.

Someone thought to plant flowers where the potatoes were!

A stone wall to build, puzzles made from cut outs of hammers and saws...

and a simulated water pump. The pump used blue balls to show how water moves through the contraption! Hours of fun and learning!

I loved the Ancient Egypt exhibit.

There was a bridge/raft that you moved across the "river" by pulling on a rope! How cool is that?  Baskets of spices, hidden alligators, the chance to write your name in hieroglyphics... something for everyone and all ages.

We finished our visit in the "toddler room." Nothing like a ball pit to put the final touches on a great day.

There are links to the Port Discover website throughout this blog entry. On Fridays, they have a special program called "Freaky Fridays" where they invite children to participate in science experiments.

The museum is clean, safe, friendly, well thought out, and all together fun.

 And they slept all the way home.

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  1. Haha! I LOVE those last pictures, Mom. Cute. What a great idea.