Thursday, June 3, 2010

When Wishes Come True

Years ago I drove to Rockville with my daughter to visit a G-Street Fabrics. I had heard through the sewing grapevine that it had "everything." She needed a costume in the style of the Renaissance for the Madrigal Singers at her high school.

Singing and music the basis of our mission we noticed a sign on the highway, signs all along Rockville Pike for a "music center" called Strathmore. Wouldn't it be funny if someday you...

Someday came!

Val and her band were invited to audition and were selected for a concert in the Strathmore Mansion.

What a great place!



Rooms you can wander in while waiting for the music to begin -- rooms with books.

The concert was stirring and magnificent as always.

New arrangements of old favorites including Josh -- the bass player, performing beautifully on the piano! Who knew?!

Valerie has such an amazing sound and range -- not only her voice, but the subjects of the songs she writes and the emotions her words and music and performance evokes.  It's almost as if the performance creates a sizzle of heat or light or both that settles on you and transport you.

Val on the piano playing In Spite of Me which she wrote for her wedding.

I wish the band great happiness, joy in performing and success. I wish the entire world could hear and enjoy feel dazzled and inspired.

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