Monday, June 28, 2010

Who's the Boss at Sunday School?

Karl and I enjoy "teaching" the toddler Sunday school together.  It's always full of life...
and fun!

This week the lesson was "Noah's Ark."

We have a wonderful flannel board at Sunday school and Karl gets there early to set it up and lay out the pieces.

The kids love to take turns answering questions
and putting the flannel pictures that tell the story
up on the background.

Then we draw pictures,
or make things ... like paper arks.

This week we had a cute craft. Before they came we cut pasted a picture of Noah's ark to a background paper. We cut a flap door that folded down. The kids were to color an ark and then insert pairs of cut out animals in it.

The directions usually go something like this:
 "Kids, color your ark."
The older kids choose crayons and get going.

One girl loves to color precisely and never makes a mark outside the lines.  She needs a bit more time, therefore, to finish.

Jack stopped coloring. He was peeling his crayon and pounding it on the table. Karl (Jack's grandfather as well as his Sunday school teacher) said, nicely but firmly, "Jack, color your ark."

Jack lifted out of his chair, pointed his finger at his grandfather and said in a command voice that was somehow vaguely familiar, "YOU are not the boss!"

I couldn't help; I had to hide because I was laughing too much.

A couple things strike me about this. First is that Karl, my husband, Jack's grandfather is obviously the boss. Confident and dependable, he stands out in a crowd. People look to him for direction and support. But I suppose he wasn't always that way.  I suppose when he was two he sometimes felt the rub of always being bossed.

And I wonder if Jack would actually enjoy being the boss.  He's so independent and creative.  He did color three or four brown lines on his ark.

Then he came over to give me a couple of hugs and ask if I had remembered to get a certain toy he's been wanting. I didn't. I also didn't have any fruit snacks in my purse.  He decided to join Joey,

 who was concentrating and oblivious to Jack's affection.

Maybe being the boss isn't everything in life. What would life be without those people who have other  strengths? Aren't we taught that the servant is the greatest among us?

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