Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to Make Fun

Just couldn't resist telling you how to make Robin Hood hats:

Take a piece of fabric

I used felt scraps,

but you could use anything --

even a paper bag.

Cut it into a curved triangle that is this shape:

The curved lines together should measure big enough for the child's (or your) head. Another way to check for size is to measure across the widest part of the triangle. If you are nervous, make a paper pattern first and adjust to fit by trimming the sides of the triangle.

Sew the straight edges together all the way up to the point and back stitch.

Turn it inside out.

Add feathers which you can hunt for or make also out of fabric, paper, etc.

We used felt scraps, pinking shears and pipe cleaners.
you can just see the feather there on the side

We made new bows out of flexible branches as mentioned before in another blog entry.

looking mighty tough

We stuck with using imaginary arrows which, by the way, are the best -- so safe and convenient.

It also works as an elf hat, depending on the level of mischief....


  1. Adorable!

  2. The boys showed up at my office for lunch that day. Joey was still in full costume.

  3. The level and KIND of mischief. I love these hats. You could also easily make Native American feather hats out of felt by cutting felt into different shaped and colored leaves. Then measure the child's head and cut a bad out of leather or grey/brown felt and glue or sew. That would go well with bows too. :)