Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sewing Camp: Week 1 Projects

Every summer, my daughter-in-law Andrea, her sister Jen, my daughter Val and I run a sewing camp for girls age 8-14.  

The first week teaches beginning sewing skills and during the second week, things get a little more complicated. 

Sewing Camp is wonderful fun. The girls are so creative and we are always amazed at their sense of style and color and their creativity.  

Whether we make pajama pants or beach bags, the girls decorate their hand-sewn work with embellishments they make.  

Today was the first day. 

Our theme this year is "Be Cool For School," because this allows us to make a variety of things that can be used throughout the school year. 

Today after introducing the sewing machine to our students, Andrea helped the girls make a fleece hat.

To make one yourself measure the circumference of your head (or the head of the person for whom you'd like to make a hat. 

Cut a rectangle from fleece 18 inches on one side and the head measurement on the other side.  Most girls made hats 18 x 22 inches. 

Fold the rectangle in half and in half again so that the width is what is folded. Cut a triangle to the folded point and then sew the long straight edge.  Open the hat up and sew the point to make the hat top. 


Wouldn't you know it, but they found all sorts of wonderful ways to embellish their hats! 
To make this cool flower, cut a circle. Run a wide or basting stitch around the edge. Pull the loose ends to gather the flower up.  Sew the gathered edge together and sew on a button to make the center and hide the raw edges. 

Some girls made pom-poms and sewed them at the point.  Can't wait for winter!

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