Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sewing Camp Week One: Funny Thing...

Funny thing about sewing camp. No one ever makes a mistake.  Yesterday, much of my day was spent ripping out "seams" where girls had sewn over folded lumps of fabric to join all the possible ( and some impossible) sides of their lunch bags together.

But when asked how this happened, they have no idea.

"Miss Loris, it just came out that way."

"It was fine when I pinned it, Miss Val checked it."

And yet...!

Young sewers have a challenging task.  The machine they are working on is complex and sometimes, depending on the make, finicky.  One of the things the girls forget to do is lower the presser foot, which keeps the fabric flat and the stitches small and even.

The teachers can always tell when a student has forgotten to lower the presser foot because there is a snag of thread on the back of their project that looks like a pile of knotted silly string.
that nest of thread is supposed to be in the bobbin, not wound and caught.

But every single student will PROMISE they lowered that presser foot and swear that the machine is faulty, no good... or doesn't like them.

"Ah, Nature, framed in fault..."

Teaching provides me with much entertainment, maybe because the students are unaware of their glaring humanity. In English class, the chattiest students could never admit they had been talking.  Ask a student to hush while his mouth is open and he is leaning toward his friend and he'll swear on their girlfriend's iPod that they were NOT talking. I never had the time, during a lesson, to ask what they were doing if not talking, but I sure would love to know now!)
gotta love the pink pirates

Despite having nothing to do with the problems that "occur" along the way, people produce beautiful and important hand-made things.  


  1. That stupid "finger sweater" oh my. That was craziness.