Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sewing Camp: Week One Projects... Pencil Rolls and Lunch Bags

Working together today we had lots of fun.

Everyone needs a pencil roll and a lunch bag, right?

We're making them this week at Sewing Camp.

Valerie created the pattern for these cute pencil rolls.

They are made from two rectangles with a square added for the pocket part.

She made the pattern pieces from paper bags! 

 This gave everyone practice straight stitching, pivoting, top stitching and clipping corners.

 And they personalized them in such a wonderful way.

The lunch bags were the second project of the day.

We found the pattern on Martha Stewart's website, but she used oilcloth (which is VERY expensive).

This one is made from left over black out fabric; this fabric is what is used to line curtains so that no light can shine through. It has a flannel side and a rubbery side.  You could also use an old vinyl tablecloth or any scrap of waterproof fabric.

Cut a rectangle 29 1/2 inches by 8 inches. Cut two side panels each 12 3/4 inches by 5 inches. I found a slightly bigger rectangle than the original pattern called for works better.

Fold the long panel, inside out, (we put the rubber side in) and make it into a U shape by making a crease to create a 5 inch bottom.

Now add any ribbon or decorations that you want to run lengthwise on the bag.
The piece I had was stained so after cutting it out, I sewed on this great orange ribbon to hide the stains.

Pin the side pieces (one at a time) to the U shaped bags, right sides touching.  Sew 1/4 inch seam around the U, pivoting at the corner.

Snip the corner to the seam, carefully, so that it doesn't buckle.

Turn right side out and finger press the seams flat.  It is hard to get them absolutely flat, and you can iron the blackout fabric if you do so on a low setting.

Topstitch the seams.

I added a handle because my husband said lunchbags work better with handles. I added a button to be used for closing the bag and made a loop closure by gluing the loop beneath the top flower.

I reinforced the sewing of the button on the inside by stitching it onto a big of hidden ribbon.

The flowers are made from a pattern I found on Martha Stewart's website and the template is downloadable.  I used some batik I had. Batik works well for flowers because the color is bright on both sides. I made the petals double, using two coordinating fabrics.

After making them with four petals, I decided five would be better, and so from now on plan to make five petals as seen below in the pictures that show how to put the flower together.

You can use covered or coordinating buttons.

You could decorate it any way you'd like...

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