Monday, July 26, 2010

What To Do When It is Too Hot Outside part 2

Here is something wonderful

to make with children during the hot summer days:

They are dragonflies and ladybugs made from empty water bottles!

Save the empty water bottles.

Use empty cereal boxes

 or any light weight cardboard

 or scrap paper for the wings.

Dragonflies have four wings... just in case you want to try for realism.

While we were on vacation, Val made these to entertain two tired boys.

Draw or color on markings.

We forgot to bring tape, so she made small holes in the wings and tied the wings on with yarn she'd brought to crochet.

We had to make them again, once home.

Try pipe cleaners for the "antennae."  Fly them around, race them and swoop them!

Smaller cousins take cover!

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