Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Year Quilt

Here's something you might like to try to sew!
My friend Jo-Ann brought a quilt to my house because she thought it was such a clever idea.
This cheerful quilt is made from old clothes, but not in the way quilts used to be made. The purpose of this quilt is to preserve the look of the clothes and thereby capture memories of the child.

Favorite clothes
from the child's first year
are gathered
and sewn together in this artistic way.

showing those overalls you loved seeing your child wear

hats with brims and skirts with ruffles

and bits of embroidery and collars to cunning to forget.

The old pockets are used

Bits of receiving blankets fill up the corners between the clothes.

Love that logo, that favorite brand? Stitch it in between two little shirts.

Everything your child wore and wore out, everything you washed and folded, everything is used!

I don't know the wonderful quilter who made this, but my guess is that a piece of backing fabric, such as muslin, is cut to the desired size.
The clothes  are trimmed and placed and pinned, working toward a pleasing arrangement.

And the child's name and birthday are simply embroidered.

The blanket stitch is a lovely touch, used to sew the binding, but the clothes are sewn with a zig zag stitch, but really, you could use your favorite applique stitch, or vary your stitches all through.

The quilt is backed, but because the clothes are heavier than quilting cotton, no batting is used.
Both layers are tacked together with small, neat ties.

My friend said she'd keep the blanket as a treasure to remember the baby's first year.

I think it would be a wonderful "busy" or tummy time blanket for the next child... or folded away for your child's child to use.

I love the scattering of colors and textures and the lovely balance it makes.  

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