Monday, August 16, 2010

Group Picture

I've never been good at this.

I'm not capable of getting everyone to wear the same color 

especially if it is white 

and the white is supposed to be clean.

Then there's a matter of where everyone will stand 

and how to keep people occupied and peaceful while discussions are happening about the angle of the sun and the type camera and etc. and etc. 
It does get old.

What if someone has a need?

Or a question?
Or a seeming huge problem?

Or is scared of something?

Some people will smile for the camera and some of us like to make faces or both... depending. 

Some of us run away to play because it seems like nothing's happening...
And have to be rounded up again...

Oh, well... maybe next year. 

At least two of us got the khaki and white memo...

By the way... where is that group picture? Anybody get it?


  1. I'm so glad someone caught that melt down.

  2. I like your collage and commentary *much* more than a plain group picture :).

  3. Love family pics much less beach pics. These are very nice. We try to do the same atleast once a year. Hope you enjoyed the family, Stephanie