Friday, August 13, 2010

Light on Vacation

One of the things that refreshes me is looking at different kinds of light.

At the beach, the light seems more.

Dazzling during swimming hours; everyone needs sunblock and sun glasses.

But it is clearer, too.

It touches our loved ones and shows us again their beauty and gifts, don't you think?

One night, we went down to the beach and stared up at millions of white stars. The sky was so black, the stars so close, so varied in size and color, so long since I'd seen them hidden as they are in the night sky at home.




And in twilight, compelling

Running on the sand dunes in the darkening twilight, the sand feels cool 

and the half-lit air is scented with the fruity vegetation and the salt of the tidal pools.

 We raced up the dunes and down as the park ranger flashed his torch to chase the tourists out... 

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