Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sewing Camp Week Two

We had a lovely, productive week at Sewing Camp Two!

Many of our seamstresses had been with us for one or two years. It was wonderful to see everyone, to catch up and to see how much their skills had improved.

Everyone seemed to love the beautiful fabrics we found.

I love hearing how the girls like their schools, what they've sewn at home, how their families are, what their plans are shaping up to be.

One wonderful blessing was seeing how the girls worked so well together.

Generosity is catching, it seems; Val began the week by bringing home-made cookies.

What do you know but a couple days later one of the girls brought enough homemade cupcakes to share with the class! Sewing camp is hard work and it seems we need a mid-morning break to refuel.

This year, the girls learned several complex skills.

They made pajama pants again, but this time they learned how to make a French seam -- no raw edges showing!  So chic and professional.

They learned how to put zippers into a completely lined pouch. Putting zippers in is difficult, but putting one in so that the zipper is entirely enclosed in the bag and the lining is impossible.

 But they did it!  They were attentive and careful and look what beautiful work they did!

 I am so proud of them!

Making things refreshes a tired spot in a girl's soul, don't you think so?

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