Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Baltimore County has some terrific library features for children. We visited a library with an entire back wing dedicated to children.

It's called Storyville!

And it is all based on books!

A tree house with all the most delightful features!

A place just for infants

A grocery store where anyone

 can pretend to be grown up

gather his groceries

ring them up and pay with laminated money... what fun!

I love the posters taken straight from books

well, it is a library!

There's a mail room for kids

where Clare showed her independence.

Joey was a super hero

Then he found a puppet theatre...

where Andrea and Joey made a new friend and told Goldilocks' story

behind that they found a theatre with changeable backdrops...

where Jack was a wise pig and

Joey a reluctant wolf.  He did not want to blow his brother's house down.  Clare watched from under the table...

Kids can make the flowers grow, cook or feed strawberries to babies...

and learn so many wonderful things.

And finally, a kiddie library, where little ones can check out their own books.

I love libraries;

I wish every county in every state had one like this!


  1. That is amazing! Which Branch is that?

  2. There is a Storyville in Rosedale and Woodlawn...