Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation MVP

MVP as in most valuable possession.
This year Andrew's sea kayaks win.
Not only did they serve as a stage for a group picture,
but they took us on a dream chasing adventure.

When Joey was two and loved the movie Finding Nemo more than anything, we looked at books about sea creatures and the beach during much of our spare time.  We talked about whales and dolphins and what their lives must be like.

That year, Joey had a new baby brother and things were somewhat confusing for him, but talking about the ocean always made him smile.  When we'd dream about our upcoming trip to the beach, he would say,
"When I see dolphins I'll swim wif 'em."

I'm not one to douse a child's dreams with the cold reality of life. Oh, no.  I had heard of people swimming with dolphins but knew that such excursions were staged in vacation places or happened to people whose relatives were Jacques Cousteau.

But one afternoon, the water was calm if cold and Andrea and my husband thought to take the kayaks out. Andrea put Joey (lifejacket on) in his grandpop's lap and she took the other kayak.  It only took a minute to get out past the breakers and that's when we on shore noticed the dolphins just beyond them.
Andrea and my sister Stefanie

Andrea and Karl saw them too and paddled out.  Soon they were skimming alongside them watching them leap and dive; from the shore I could see Joey pointing to them.  His two year old dream fulfilled in a sort of way I might never have predicted.
Joe, Ron and Matt

As the days went on, many of us in the family were able to "swim wif 'em." If we saw the school, we'd put the kayaks in the water and paddle out. I got so close I could see that their black fins are shaped individually, like our noses are. Their bodies are a beautiful gray.  Joe and Karl saw a baby swimming along surrounded by the adults.

Thanks Andrew for bringing your kayaks, for sharing them so cheerfully and helping a dream come true.


  1. Those Kayaks were a lot of fun


  2. True. Though my head still hurts from getting whopped with one on the way in.