Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation: the Wild Life

We could stay home in our comfortable houses,

 but we choose to go out into the world to refresh our spirits, bodies and minds.

We like to be in nature, to see the sun as we miss it while we're working.

We hope to see wildlife rare near our homes.

We want to be in the weather, maybe struggle against its hardships.

Somehow it does us good.

We found such interesting jellyfish

While we were strolling near this pond, Andrea must have had an instinct or a warning from above because she, (who is always calm and confident) became very nervous and wouldn't let Jack or Joey put a toe in the water. 

 Here's why:  suddenly a real, huge snapping turtle came near.  Can you see its bulking shape below the murky water?  

But she couldn't restrain Karl 

who caught a minnow in his hand

and gave it to Joey to hold.

Glad the snapping turtle didn't snack on Karl's hand!

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