Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Annapolis Quilt Guild

I tried to join the Annapolis Quilt Guild years ago.
I  went to one meeting, met some nice people, but was too busy to ever go back.
I tried again last night.
What an inspiring group of women!
The beautiful green quilt you see in the back of the speaker will be raffled off at the annual quilt show in June.  The pattern is called "Hunter's Star,"and is an overall pattern. I've made a small one and the piecing requires some concentration!  Can you believe how beautiful this one is?
 I love the look. 
(Tickets cost $1.00 and I have 20 here to sell!) 

After the business of announcements guild members showed what they've been up to all summer.
The quilts were breath-taking!

This treasure depicts the quilter's family tree.

The names of her grandparents are appliqued on top. What a beautiful tribute.

This quilt is a Baltimore Album Quilt which means its designs are based on a style and technique that originated in Baltimore during the 1840's or so.  The pieces are appliqued by hand. Notice the tiny, even stitching of the quilt. Amazing!

The points in this bright quilt are difficult to get right, but this one is sublime.

I love the dark background on the quilt.  It is made with a special technique. Though the yellow discs (called Dresden Plates) look unique, they are all cut from the same fabric.  Amazing! 

The quilter won these blocks, made by guild members, and put them together in this striking setting.

I found out about all of the guild's charitable activities! They sew for children and those who are ill and hopeless.

The quilt guild has joined with other groups in the county to provide quilts for the Lighthouse Shelter's new  home. This is one of the quilts that will comfort the homeless there.  Someone said once, that beauty makes people feel at home.  I'm sure these handmade quilts will accomplish that and so much more for the people who are starting anew at the Lighthouse Shelter.

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  1. Thanks for the quilt show. I hope you enjoy each meeting of the guild. Madelyn