Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Better to be Honest?

Do you ever wonder if it's better to be honest? One time I found an earring. I stepped on it at the Towson Town Center when I was there with the AACS Marching Band (a marching band at a mall you ask!), yes, it's true and I stepped on an earring and the post went into the sole of my shoe.  I picked it up and saw that it was made of real diamonds. Lots of really big real diamonds.

I found the mall office and turned it in. I wanted to keep it because it was so pretty and I like diamonds and I guess I want more for some dumb reason. Can't think why. I wonder now what happened to that earring. Did the owner look for it at the office? Did she or he get it back?

I suppose I'll never know, but I am glad I turned it in. I know that is right to do and I believe it is right and good to be honest.

But today I'm especially grateful that other people are honest.  I was driving home and needed a bathroom urgently.  I stopped at Marshalls  and ran in.

I thought about leaving right away, but I decided to look around a little, checked out the socks in the back of the store, the shoes, the baby clothes, and then went back to the women's section in the front of the store.

I was looking holding a pink shirt up to see how it would look on me when  a woman, who was around my age, came up and sort of squinted at me. She was holding a green wallet and I thought, "why is she looking at me like that" and "she's got a wallet just exactly like mine."

So exactly like mine that it was mine!
She was squinting at me because she wanted to compare my driver's license picture to the real thing.
She said, "This is you, I can tell. You dropped your wallet in the parking lot." She handed it to me and smiled.
I said, "Thank you," a few dozen times and smiled, too. She waved and scooted out the door.
I stood there letting the blessing sink in. I thanked God for my new friend's honesty and kindness. She came looking for me to help me out!  Thinking of the hours saved, wondering when I would have realized that the wallet was gone, humbled by the fact that she had returned it untouched, nothing missing tears came to my eyes.

So I was able to spend the time reading to little Clare instead of calling and fretting and getting things renewed. If the woman who found my wallet and found me also is wondering at all, I'm praying that God will bless her; I want her to know I'm so grateful.

I think it is better to be honest.

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  1. this. was. beautiful.
    I love your heart, Loris.