Friday, September 10, 2010

Chesapeake Boys Friendly Ol' Call of the Wild

Well, who can resist this weather?
Not Joey, Jack and I.
We walked all the long way down to the water in our neighborhood and while we were going, we heard an osprey crying overhead.  Looking up we could see it's wide circling flight.
Once you hear the osprey's call, you can't forget it. For one thing, it doesn't really "go with" the bird.  It's high and has a whistle in it.
Joey called back. Walking down the street as we were, he lifted his head and called back to the osprey imitating its cry as if he'd practiced it.
I asked him about it.
"Of course, we learn all kinds of animal sounds at school," he told me.
Then he started talking about school.
This is significant because last year, his first in preschool, he said nothing about school.
If we asked, he was either silent or said, "I don't talk about school."
Not this year, I heard everything - that is between the cries meant to call the osprey down for a visit with us.

Joey is naturally friendly. He greeted ever person we met and was actually a bit confused when we stopped at the playground and the children there, who were old enough (probably age 10, 8, 4 and 2) wouldn't speak to us! (It was a bit weird.) But many other neighbors were friendly along the way.

We walked to the creek and saw a jelly fish

Lots of minnows

And, sadly, a dead crab.  We did pull it out of the water (I used to sticks and lifted it because I didn't want them to touch it), and looked at it. Jack asked again and again why it was dead.  What could I say?  Joey theorized about why it had died. I tried to get them to see how beautifully it had been made. Though it was dead, it was so beautiful. Its colors are the colors of the bay... that peculiar blue and that mossy green and of course the orange tipped claws. Then we put it back in the water and wished it "peace."

 Just then we heard the cry again from above. And don't you know but the ospreys had come to circle above us.  Joey was so excited, believing, as I did too, that they had come to his call.

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