Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pictures from Cottonseed Glory Class!

Last night, the pillow making class was so much fun!
We gathered at Cottonseed Glory to make Amy Butler's Hourglass Decorator Pillow Pattern. This can be downloaded free from Amy Butler's great website.
Students came with fabric ready; they were eager to learn.
It's fun being in the quiet shop at night.

My students were new to sewing, but they learned and accomplished so much!

I love seeing how careful new seamstresses are with cutting and marking. It's a reminder to us all.

This class is complicated because students have to get used to a machine and its quirks as well as learning how to handle fabric, make a seam, press it flat without incident, etc.

But look what they made!
And so cheerfully.


  1. Love these pictures and the beautiful finished projects your students made! If I was still in the area I'd sign up for your class in a heartbeat :).

  2. It's wonderful that you are encouraging more people to sew.