Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Road Trip Rock Star

Val had a gig and needed a nanny for Clare.
 I've always wanted to be a nanny for  "rock star" so I was pleased to be given the job.

Clare is rock star when it comes to traveling.
At first she was just plain happy in her car seat - facing backwards. She couldn't even see us.
 She played, talked, threw things.

After a while she'd say something like "Ayahh," in a pleasant, quiet tone and Val would say, "Oh, she needs something. She's fussing."

That's fussing? Apparently Val doesn't remember what it was like at our house long ago!

I leaned back to give Clare a toy. I couldn't see her, but saw her little hand reach out and take it as if she were some hidden goddess grabbing an offering. Then she was happy for a long while.

Val, the original family rock star, planned things so well. We stopped when it was time for Clare to eat. Then we hung out while she played and walked around.

This is the face Clare makes when Valerie says "princess."

Clare liked meeting all the many people at the rest stop. She made friends with everyone by giving them what Val calls her "princess face" which is friendly and funny. She entertained an entire family while they were eating Popeye's chicken. I guess she knew they needed the distraction.

While Val was singing,

Clare and I hung out in the library.

It had an entire children's section for us to explore.

We could still hear Valerie sing,  and she was AWESOME. Clare thought so, too.

We heard the inspiring sermon,and read lots of new books and old favorites.

Don't worry, we cleaned up before we left.

The ride home was no big deal.

Clare likes to put things on her head.  When I gave her the fabric shapes Valerie had made for her to play with and said, "Can you put that on your head?" she tried...everytime...flinging it over her shoulder like she was one of those automatic banks that shoots the penny back into the container!

When most kids would have been screaming (the end of the trip,) our little road trip rock star was giggling.  She has a phrase she says, "buh-dee, buh-dee, buh-dee" and for some reason when I was able to imitate her (real hard) she giggled.  That got her laughing and she laughed at everything. And laughing, my dear readers, when in a car with a baby, is a whole lot better than crying.

I'm so impressed with how the young mothers I know are handling life's challenges. They pursue their careers, their interests, they keep creating their art and follow their calling and still take such creative, thoughtful, planned ahead care of their children.   It makes me wonder what a wonderful, special sort of generation must be coming along now. Let's pray for this rising generation.

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  1. love it! how wonderful that you three can take trips like this! (and, I am jealous! :)