Friday, October 22, 2010

Buy Local at Your Farmer's Market

I went to an amazing farmer's market last week. You have to get up early but it's worth it!

The weather was perfect and we found a parking spot right away.

It's held beneath the highway!
love the painting on the highway support

Crowded, fragrant with food cooking all around...

ginormous fresh apples and the sweetest, flavorful apple cider you can imagine...

fresh vegetables...
everything for the current season is available...

including quirky stuff you'll want to see for yourself.

Meat, fish and poultry were available; there was a creamery with milk and cheese.

You could buy all your groceries and flowers for your table.

Another section had beautiful, handcrafted useful items. I'm going to have a table there in December to offer Solomon's Puzzle and handcrafted items made by me and my friends.

I bought crisp, fresh swiss chard,  the most flavorful carrots I've ever eaten, sweet potatoes and cider. That's all I could carry. Got to go back!

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