Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Sort of Like Nesting...

Just getting ready
for when
Solomon's Puzzle is delivered!

I made a mock book

for the pictures for my interview with Diane Rey of the Capital and also for display at Cottonseed Glory during the Quilt Quest which will be held November 10 - 14.

I recycled the cardboard panel used inside the bolts of fabric.  Perfect size.

I knew I needed a way to organize mailing out the books, so I prepared a corner of one of the guest rooms to be a mailing station.

I put all the unused stuff away, cleaned and found a table in the basement. It fit perfectly.

The shelves were in the basement, too. Now they're being used to hold boxes waiting to be filled. How exciting! Everything's ready for mailing with a few favorite postcards to cheer me on.

But I needed some little cards to help me say "thank you" to all those who ordered.

I made a couple, but they looked... I don't know, higgledy-piggledy and not quite right.

A friend came over and we tried a few more.

We decided that we needed one for the Thanksgiving season...

and one for Christmas.

Which do you think is the best?

1 comment:

  1. Both are lovely, and perfect for the gift-giving season. I especially like the snowflakes.