Friday, October 15, 2010

Robin Hood and Little Jack

"Robin Hood" and "Little Jack" do more than just play at Grannie's house. Now they have "Grannie's Reading Bootcamp"  I found a wonderful book at the library with reading readiness games.
Since I'm a high school teacher, this is not my specialty, but it sure is fun.

There are sorting games, and guessing games and hiding games and do you know? They all teach skills having to do with reading.

After that hard work, we go outside when the weather is nice as it sometimes is.

Jack found a daddy-long-legs. He loved it and put it on the sandbox top to watch it.

He watched it for a long, long time.

The bees were moving slowly because it was so cool outside, giving Little Jack more time to watch and wonder.

Kids aren't fussy about capes, though they do seem to need them to fight. These were made from a fat quarter of fabric, stick on velcro at the corners.

Bows and arrows also come in hand for fighting off the squirrels, moles and snakes. We never see the moles and snakes, but we know they're there and we're ready!

The arrow had to be made with leaves on the end. 

Someday soon they'll be able to read about Robin Hood and Huck Finn and so on! The adventure continues!

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