Thursday, October 7, 2010


Days are busy and getting shorter, but I feel thankful.
My family has been so great and generous to me during the enormous project of writing, editing and producing my novel.
Thanks to everyone who has said or shown that they understand why this is important to me.
My friends and former students, now friends, have gathered around me to help and encourage.
I'm grateful for each person's contribution, each person's cheerful comment that they want to read it. (Imagine!)
The enthusiasm and generosity of my friends at Cottonseed Glory has lifted my heart.
It has been so fun and rewarding working with the Blessing House team to make the book come into being.
I'm especially excited about the website for the novel -- soon to be launched and awesome.
Thanks everybody!

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  1. looking forward to finding out more about your novel! Congrats. Steph