Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upcycle Party

For a recent family party
 my daughter made decorations from trash!
She's creative and she didn't want to spend a lot of money on decorations.
I admire that!
Everything looked fantastic!

Val took a plastic bottle with a shape she liked and painted the bottle and cap, glued the cap upright on the top of the bottle then attached wings made from discarded tights.

And voila! She'd made a dragon fly. He looked friendly and
watched while people visited,

children played

and cousins talked.

Each child could take a hand-made recycled toy home.
The pig was so cute.

The owl looked serious.

I loved the lilies of the valley made from egg cartons and set in a beautiful red vase.

These flowers made from magazine pages are irresistible!

The trees on the mantle were also made from old magazines. I love them.

They are better than Pottery Barn with the same cool, sleek beauty.

Valerie made a bow from a discarded net bag that used to hold onions. She tied this on the party favor basket.

One of the guests brought an alligator made entirely from recyclable materials.  Everyone played with it because it was so cute.

I just love the way the young mothers I know are so creative and energetic, so "green" and frugal. Hurray for imagination!


  1. This was a great idea


  2. Very creative! Loved all of the creations, but I think my favorite is the dragon fly.

  3. BRILLIANT!!! truly brilliant... this should def be in a magazine or something.