Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can't Afford a Trip to Europe?

Try the Calico Cat in Woodlawn. The outside is modest, hiding treasures within, but there's ample parking...

Forty-two years ago Bruni and Bill Obriecht opened their shop with the idea of selling fine American crafts. They now offer artisan works from America, Canada and Europe. When you meet Bruni and Bill you'll feel warmly welcomed. You can tell by the doorknob that it's going to be special... 

And a peek through the window shows a Christmas wonderland!

In fact, the Calico Cat has an entire Christmas room for you to visit all year round. Look at the exquisite and rare ornaments, 

Right now, they are preparing their REAL Christmas display, which means they are opening a small building on the back of the property that will be filled to overflowing with treasures. This opens November 27 and runs through the first part of January.  

These amazing little stars are made of silicone and they fit on the little Christmas tree lights!

I think this may be my favorite thing in the entire store. looks so quaint and I love thinking that the candles are so carefully and individually crafted. 

And looking at them, you know that they are!

Unusual advent calendars are available.

Reasonably priced wooden figurines that give Christmas decorations that winsome, old world look.

The wooden carved scenes of wintertime are called Schwibbogen. They light up. 

Every price and style of wooden nativity scenes are available.

Purchases are carefully wrapped and boxed with no extra charge for this lovely service.

I love the snow clouds hung from the ceiling!
And that was just the Christmas room! The main part of the shop is filled with the most exquisite glassware I've ever seen! Each piece is a work of art. Paperweights that look like miniature aquariums, vases in true jewel-like colors.

A special glass blowing event is scheduled for November 28. 

Some of the pottery seen below:

And there are unusual things like these baskets with wooden carvings incorporated into the designs.
There is a children's section with wooden puzzles, hand-crafted toys and decorations. I found a wonderful bug collector's kit there.  The book selection is thoughtful and tasteful. I found a wonderful book about Jacques Cousteau's childhood and inspiration called "Manfish" there. Every child I've given it to has loved it. 

The wooden ware for the home is so beautiful it is hard to think of using it. I am in love with these honey dippers, though.  And the best part is that the prices are amazingly reasonable.

Directions and Hours
 Regular Hours
Monday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Open Fridays til 7 p.m.
Map to get to Calico Cat at 2137 Gwynn Oak Ave. Baltimore, MD
Only 1 1/2 miles from Beltway exit 17 - Security Blvd. Follow the map or call for directions during the hours we are open.


  1. Bravo! for doing this. They deserve the best and lots of support. I love it too J.I.

  2. Es weihnachtet sehr und da sind schöne Holzschnitzsachen mit dabei.