Monday, November 1, 2010

Chesapeake Boys Hunt Dragons

It's hard for me to explain how these things happen around here. Awhile ago, we were always looking for the Great Chesapeake Whale.

Now we're looking for a dragon called "Toothless" from a recent movie.

He was hiding at a nearby park. We looked for him all along the water. Jack was sure he was hiding somewhere along the river bank.

Joey was sure that the fallen trees were really relics of dragon bones lying close to the path!

The small delta we found was really, after all, dinosaur footprints! Who knew?

And then there was the nest of dragon eggs.

Did you know that there are different "varieties" (Joey's word) of dragons and small ones live in places just like the hollow in the root of this tree below.

I also discovered that dragons just love the blue sky and the beautiful leaves. Jack picked up every pretty leaf he walked by and gave them to me to carry home to make a bed for "Toothless."

The weather was gorgeous, the sky it's best blue, the leaves so bright they make you believe they'll never turn brown and fall, but the best part was talking, walking and imagining with Joey and Jack.

The dragon came home with us in the car. He was very quiet and Joey told me that "dragons are rarely quiet" (rarely his word). We fed him ice cream out in the back yard, which Joey said made his inner fire even hotter! Funny, I never knew any of these things about dragons! 

When we got home, I told them how, when their daddy was little, I could take him anywhere and he was happy and amused because he had his imagination with him. Joey said, "We're like Daddy that way, me and Jack." I love and admire the qualities these two brothers have gotten from their mother, and I love when I get to relive some of the delightful things about their dad.

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  1. Brilliant. You'll have to take them to see the dinosaur/dragon at Thomas Point Light. They will FREAK!