Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun in Autumn With Mama

I love watching Valerie and Clare together. 

Just yesterday, Clare started calling Val "Mama." Before this she called her baby dolls "mama." But it is clear that they are bonded. For one thing, Valerie is Clare's playtime prop.

climbing on Mama

 The day was so lovely we went for a walk.

To me, it seems amazing that in one year, a child can learn to stand upright and walk along the sidewalk holding a flower.

or run across a field...
or watch her mama leaping and laughing...
and delight in the sunshine and birds and colors.

Back at home, there were flowers to smell...

and petals to pick...

Clare likes to get right up into the plant.

Everything she found, she liked to share with her mama and me.

So much fun to share what you find on an autumn walk

Reminds me of other great days...


  1. Precious. The photo of Eric, Joe, and Val show them at the ages I first met your treasure of a family!

  2. Little Claire looks so much like Valerie! What joy you must get from them both.