Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Things Country

I've driven by All Things Country dozens of times. Recently it was recommended to me as a store that likes to offer books by local authors. I made a visit and fell in  love!
The store's motto made me feel at home at once: "Bringing beauty to life one home at a time.."

We all want to have homes, somewhere to be safe and warm. Somewhere to think and sleep and eat. Somewhere for friends to visit and family to gather. Because it is so important to the health of our souls, we try to make our homes beautiful. This effort does not have to mean lots of money or gold and silver.  But it does take effort and creativity and love.

 There's beauty everywhere...

Santa with a sheep lying at his feet... hmmm, I like that idea.

Colonial candles in every scent you can imagine.

for collectors...

The beauty...
is inspiring

...makes you feel at home...

with time to dream and remember happy and significant times...

 and what's important.

The folks at the shop are friendly and talkative.

The folks include two golden retrievers, the friendliest dogs ever, who lie in the sunshine or greet shoppers.

A customer brought the dogs some Christmas toys!

With a motto or philosophy that strikes home with everyone, no wonder the shop is so beloved.

My book, Solomon's Puzzle, has been welcomed there, too. I'm grateful! And I hope it fills people with inspiration and hope as they take it home with them.

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