Friday, December 31, 2010

The Candle Indoors, a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Some candle clear burns somewhere I come by. candles lit indoors during Christmas Eve service US Naval Academy Chapel as described in the novel Solomon's Puzzle
I muse at how its being puts blissful back 
With yellowy moisture mild night’s blear-all black, 
Or to-fro tender trambeams truckle at the eye. 
By that window what task what fingers ply, 
I plod wondering, a-wanting, just for lack 
Of answer the eagerer a-wanting Jessy or Jack 
There God to aggrándise, God to glorify.— 

Come you indoors, come home; your fading fire 
Mend first and vital candle in close heart’s vault:
You there are master, do your own desire; 
What hinders? Are you beam-blind, yet to a fault 
In a neighbour deft-handed? Are you that liar 
And, cast by conscience out, spendsavour salt?

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