Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Christmas Tradition

Every year, we take our grandchildren to see the train garden at Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, MD.
This year, we set a date aside to take Clare for her first time.
Homestead Gardens has been selling quality plants and landscaping materials to Anne Arundel County residents for over twenty years now.
I don't know when they began their train garden but we've taken our grandsons to it for several years and they've loved it.

The displays are varied and wonderful.
Clare cold not believe what she was seeing!

She did not think the trains were very interesting, though the display is bigger than my living room and has about a dozen large scale trains winding and whistling through a village. Older children are especially excited to see Thomas. Clare was suspicious.

But she was polite as her grandfather showed her what was cool about the whole thing.

We decided to see what else was around and Clare liked this four foot tall black bear.  She patted his head.

She wasn't so sure about this reindeer, but I thought he was awfully cute.

The squirrel was just her size, but no, she didn't like him.

Next we found a smaller train display. It showed a village that was so like the little town where I grew up (vintage or 1950's style). Maybe because she could get closer, she really liked this: 

Clare watched the tiny skaters play hockey on the little pond.

She loved it, so we lingered...

Best of all Clare liked the oversized lights and Christmas balls

and the totally cool aquarium made from the brightest materials with neon colored fish.  

Thanks to Homestead for a creative display in honor of Christmas!


  1. what fun! I took my son when he was not even 2 and haven't been back yet, but was thinking this year I might bring all 4 to see it!

  2. Wonderful! I'll be posting the link to this on Homestead's blog.

  3. Hey, I had another thought. Can I grab one of these photos to use in my blog post, with the link to here?